What is tigerVPN

tigerVPN is a VISP (Virtual Internet Service Provider) and acts as add-on to your existing Internet Service. The term VPN comes from "Virtual Private Network". A VPN connection is an encrypted communication tunnel between your device (e.g. Router, Mobile, Tablet, PC) and our network node. It creates a secure layer that is protected with an 128- and 256bit SSL algorithm of which only you and the tigerVPN node can decipher.

Once a VPN connection from your device was successfully established, your entire Internet traffic, including web browsing, emails, instant messages, videos, file transfers and more, are forwarded to our VPN nodes trough this secure tunnel.

Thanks to this technology, any content that traveled between your device and our network node is completely invisible, secure and untraceable. What you send and receive trough tigerVPN is only visible to you and works great in countries where free speech and open communication is prohibited, limited and controlled.

Thanks to our huge network with many servers across the globe, you can connect to any server node which will allow you to bypass content restriction, accessing websites and services that aren’t available in the country of your current residence.


Can I use my built in VPN client to access/use tigerVPN?

Yes you can! Many Operating Systems, such as Windows, Android, iOS and MAC have built in VPN clients. We have video and picture setup guides to get started within less than 90 seconds.

I am not tech savvy; will I manage to setup tigerVPN?

We are pretty confident that you will manage to understand our video guides. We have made them for every Operating System and if our oldest customer (70 years) managed to setup tigerVPN on his PC, we are confident that you will also manage. Nevertheless, we are around and ready to help you!

Do you provide a free test?

Yes, we do! You have 500 MB to take a test run on most of our nodes, so just give it a try : https://www.tigervpn.com/order?plan=freetrial 

Can I pay with Western Union or other Payment Providers?

We frequently explore other payment options, but for now the only accepted payment source is Mastercard, Visa, Debit, Maestro and Diners/AMEX via PayPal. We also accept Bitcoin and PayPal. We can’t accept checks, online wire transfer, cash or through other sources like Western Union. 

How many IPs do you have?

We have been assigned a set of IPs to start our business. However, due to the exhaust of IPv4, Internet Service Providers need to justify the amount of IPs they want to operate and are operating. If you were lucky and you managed to get millions of IPs back in the days before 1999 you can contact us and make us an offer J.

Although we’d love to give every customer his very own IP, there is no technical demand or requirement and we are not able to do so. 

From thousands of customers 1-2% asked us for their own dedicated IP so it’s not a very common demand.

Speaking of dedicated IPs and security: We believe that sharing an IP with other customers will further increases your privacy hence it’s impossible to trace you back. The whole reason for a privacy service is to be private not to be physically traceable due to a dedicated IP that links you to your account.

Do you have an APP?

We have Windows/Mac, Android  and  iOS apps. However you can use your built in VPN client and with our guided tour (both video and images) you are up and running in less than 90 seconds)