As we are a Virtual Internet Service Provider, we are being treated as your regular ISP.
However our legal obligation and responsibility is much different than a regular ISP. 

We allow File Sharing and Torrents as they are practically impossible to block but we appeal to your own sense of buying copies and using legal services. 

The days of buying content is much more in your favor and subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, Vudu and Amazon VOD will give you a stunning range of content in the best quality available. On top of that, you are supporting the show, title, artist that you like. All the mentioned services above are accessible trough tigerVPN!

Please do not distribute and download illegal copies as we need to acknowledge infringement notifications. As we don't log and due to the fact that all customers share the same IP we are not able to identify, notify, flag or disconnect any specific customer. 

Within the United States, we ask you to not share or download any illegal content. In Europe (Amsterdam and Romania) the pressure from the right holders are less tight.

Thanks, the tigerVPN Governance Team