As IP Addresses officially ran out about a year ago, we have noticed an increase in black market sales going on behind the curtains. For those who were able to request IP's (FYI, they were always free of charge) from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) (better known as ARIN, RIPE ....) we are happy for you, but as IPs are sold at 15-20$ per piece, and the average subscription price being just 7.5$ we simply cannot run a large network and multiple clusters within our business model by providing each of our thousands of customers their very own IP. And we also don't think that this would be a smart idea, but let us explain...

Q: There are VPN Providers with thousands of IPs!

A: Great, but allocating you a dedicated IP at the time of the connection would make it very easy for anyone inside and outside of the provider to track down your original IP address.

Q: I want a new IP every time I connect!

A: Unless you distribute malware, virus or try to DDoS attack anyone on the www there is no need to have such demand.

Q: Do you provide static IPs?
A: In a sense yes, but they will remain static and they are shared with other customers (hey, that's great as every single customer will further randomize the data and anonymize your footprint)

Q: I need an IP that is not shared with anyone else because I want to do Filesharing!

A: Filesharing works just fine with a shared IP, that's an urban legend ;-)!

In a nutshell:

At the moment, all customers share the very same IP on a specific VPN node. That does not mean we have only one IP per node but it means that we decided how many customers we put on one IP in order to increase your anonymity. If you need some fancy numbers to be happy (we have a /22 which is about 1024 IP's with an option on /20 (4096 IPs)