When using tigerVPN manually, or on a device that does not support our Apps, you may be required to enter a server URL or IP.

We strongly recommend using the server names (url, e.g. lon.tigervpn.com) instead of the static IP.

In case we need to change IP's or are required to change datacenter providers, we may get a new set of IP's for that particular node.

If you set an IP, any changes made on our side would result in connection issues. However, if you know what you are doing, this is the complete list for the current set of tigerVPN nodes.


If your subscription comes with a limited set of nodes (e.g. special deals) you will not be able to access the servers outside of your plan.
Make sure to verify first in your Dashboard, which server nodes you can see then pick their details below

Below you can find the City, Country, Server Name (Address) and the corresponding IP Address.