A computer can be setup in many different ways, unfortunately not all systems are equal. Either your PC was setup by an administrator, an office geek or someone else, they might have made settings that prevent accessing tigerVPN. 

"A connection to the remote computer could not be established" 

Usually a firewall (both built in or installed separately) or a port configuration issue is preventing the VPN client from making a working connection even though the server can be reached. In other cases, customers trying to connect from a WiFi network need to enable PPTP/L2TP traffic bypass within their home router settings, usually found in the advanced network tab


  • Make sure that your Antivirus/Firewall is configured to allow VPN Traffic to bypass.
  • If using a Wireless LAN (WiFi) Router, check it's advanced settings to enable "PPTP/L2TP Traffic to bypass" in some cases this option is deactivated per default.
  • Make sure you enter the username case sensitive, this is not your email but the tigerID which is tiger followed by a number (e.g tiger1234, NOT Tiger1234
  • If connected via L2TP the shared secret needs to be entered exactly like this "tigerVPN" not TigerVPN or tigervpn


This error is related to authentication. Make sure that you enter your tigerID and the password from the welcome email and/or dashboard  

(e.g. Username: tiger12345 and password:C2F3p3Dk80). 

Another reason for this error could be if you try to establish a second session on another device at the same time, or if a previous VPN connection was terminated just a couple of seconds ago. Due to our large network it takes up to 30 seconds for all nodes to confirm your disconnection status.

  • Solution:
  1. Check your credentials (login and password) and make sure they are correctly typed with correct capitalization.
  2. Verify that you do not already have an active connection on another device. Login to the tigerVPN Dashboard to verify the connection status