As you have probably already noticed, the setup guide for the manual setup with openVPN using Tunnelblick no longer fits the steps you need to take when installing what offers for download at the present time.

This happens because the version we used in the the guideline is 3.2.8 and it's no longer available on their page. While they recommend 3.5.5 and describe it as the last stable version, both our experience with it and the feedback we got from our very competent customers showed that this is not necessarily the case. Unfortunately the current version is buggy and raises a lot of issues when installing it as well as when using it, after a difficult installation process.

This being given, we would recommend to continue using the old version which we attached to this article specially for you, and you can continue using the steps from your dashboard in order to install it. 

Hopefully the time we invested in testing it will help you not waste any of your precious time by trying to get to the bottom of it, and start enjoying the service sooner :)