With the rollout of the new tigerVPN 2.0 on May 2nd, 2016 we made massive changes to the core architecture of our service.

As a result, you may experience login issues that is caused because the app is using "auto-login".
The app returns "password or email wrong" by mistake, but all you need to do is to logout from the app and log back in

Important: Your password & email is correct!

The App just requires a new token from our Interface, but because the auto login is sending the wrong token, it throws back that error.

How to fix? - Logout:

Simply logout from the App, enter your current email and password, that's it.

How to fix (if you can't logout)
In case you can't logout from the App, close the app first, make sure its not running.

Open up terminal, enter this line rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support\tigerVPN

Hit enter, close terminal and open up the app again. Enter your current email and password and you are good.

In case you already request a password reset.

If you already requested a new password via the reset link, you need to enter that new password instead the old one.