In case you have troubles connecting to one or more nodes, while the connection to some works, it might be that you are not facing a technical issue, but that you are on the Lifetime plan. This is a special deal we've been selling in 2015 via a deal provider. For those of you who don't remember the exact content of this subscription, it allows lifetime access to 15 nodes only, which are: Amsterdam, Atlanta, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Denver, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Vienna & Zurich . Connecting to a different node than these ones mentioned here will end up in an error, that can differ depending on what vpn client you are using in order to connect. 

Therefore, in case you are facing something like described above, please check your subscription in the dashboard by signing in to and see if this is the reason. If the nodes you can not connect to are included in your subscription, then please address the support and we will troubleshoot with you ;)